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TeenOnline is a social network designed specifically for teens.

There are two primary reasons TeenOnline exists.

1) To make new friends, FaceBook and other large social networking sites are focused too much on connecting with your existing friends. We believe you should go out with your real life friends and socialize, call them up to wish them happy birthday don't just post it. It's anti social! TeenOnline is developed in a way in which you can make new friends both local or around the world.

2) How many awkward moments have you had on FaceBook or second thought your post because of your older brothers, sisters, parents aunts or uncles invading your online social experience? TeenOnline is designed specifically because of that and also to provide features where FaceBook and other social networks lack. Express yourself, share and say whatever you want, don't worry about what the adults will say, they're not here!

Rich with features, TeenOnline provides advanced methods of connecting to other teens around the world or locally.

One of the exciting features with TeenOnline is our Activity Point system. Every time you perform specific actions on the site, you are awarded Activity Points. As these points accumulate you automatically get Membership upgrades and unlock new aspects of the site. You can also use Activity Points to purchase virtual goods and in the near future, we will be holding competitions in which you can purchase with FREE Activity Points Gift Cards, Xbox's and lots more!

Connect with teens who like similar TV Shows, Sports or anything else. Pages are a separate part of the site which are focused on specific things. Join a group of people who have the similar interest, discuss, share pics, share videos and connect with them!

Find people on TeenOnline who go to your school, or gather up the group and create/manage your own schools profile.

Share your own videos and pics or browse through other members of the communities content. Photo battles, most viewed, most liked, most commented and more ways to view photos and videos.

Advanced methods of connecting with the whole community in a real time environment. Use your Webcam and Microphone or simply just type. Chat via the web site of on your smart phone or tablet. A great place to meet new people!

Ever had something embarrassing that you were ashamed of that stopped you getting help from your family or friends? or just simply wanted to get something off your chest? Post a confession here and get a strangers advice or general input. You can post a confession under your profile or anonymously.

Invite multiple friends in literally 2 clicks. The people you invite will automatically be added to your friends list. We will send a message on your behalf or customized by you to all the contacts on your friends list on services like FaceBook, Twitter, Windows Live, Yahoo etc... You will receive 1 Activity Point for every friend you refer, your referred friend will also receive an activity point.